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  • Determine Property Rent Value
    We can draw on thorough knowledge of the local real estate and rental markets to help determine the potential monthly income for each property.
  • Prepare Property for Rent
    We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of the unit following each tenancy. We check paint that may need to be touched-up, carpets that require cleaning, and general wear and tear. We also note any damage that needs attention, which will be covered by the vacating tenant’s security deposit.
  • Marketing
    Our aggressive marketing techniques - including signs, online ads, open houses, marketing on our own website - guarantee a property’s exposure to the largest market in the shortest time. We are also available most hours of the day to handle calls and emails from potential renters, so our owners don’t have to be.
  • Tenant Screening
    We will thoroughly screen prospective tenants for credit, employment, housing, and other references. Because vacancies are expensive for us as well as our owners, we also personally interview every eligible applicant to ensure only the most qualified tenant(s).
  • Security Deposits
    For additional protection, we collect one (1) full month’s rent as a security deposit upon signing of lease. Applicants with pets (if approved) are required to pay an additional deposit. All deposits are maintained in a trust checking account as required by state real estate regulations until they are refunded to the tenant within 21 days of move-out.
  • Move-in Paperwork
    We conduct a move-in inspection with the new tenant using the Property Condition Report. This helps develop a good working relationship with the new tenant and encourages tenants to take pride in their home. It also provides a legal record for the property owner in the rare case that any damage occurs to the unit.
  • Rent Collection
    All rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late and penalized if received after the 2nd of the month. Late notices are sent on the 3rd and removal proceedings are initiated if the tenant does not make immediate arrangements for rent payment.
  • Move-out Paperwork
    When the tenant vacates the property, our property manager will conduct a move-out inspection, determine charges for which the tenant is responsible, make arrangements to have the work done, and ensure that the deposit accounting is completed per the Landlord/Tenant Act. We also take all phone calls from past tenants if the deposit accounting is disputed.
  • Landlord Headaches
    We handle all emergencies for the owner. If a hot water heater starts leaking on New Year’s Eve, the tenants call us instead of the owner. If there’s a leak from the upstairs condo’s bathroom, we’ll deal with the homeowners’ association. If there’s damage from a storm, if asked, we’ll call the insurance company and work with the adjuster.
  • Mortgage Payments
    At our client’s request, we’ll make the mortgage payments as well as homeowner association payments and other relevant property service payments. Monthly payments can be deducted from our client’s account balance electronically. We charge a small fee to process mortgage and HOA payments.
  • Accounting Services
    Our computerized accounting system ensures that every transaction affecting a client’s account balance is recorded and explained in detail on a monthly statement. In addition, we also provide a comprehensive year-end account summary designed to simplify the year-end tax preparation job for our clients or their accountants. Further, because we keep copies of all work orders and receipts, we’re happy to provide duplicate copies of this information at the end of the year to help with our clients’ tax preparations.
  • Property Inspections
    Inspections are conducted at the beginning and end of ALL lease terms with the tenant(s) present at move-in using a thorough ‘move-in/move-out’ Property Condition Report. At the end of each lease term, we compare for discrepancies, missing items and damage which may be deducted from former tenant’s security deposit. At the same time, we also note preventative maintenance items that may be of interest or concern for the property owner. Additionally, Evergreen Properties NW performs a six (6) month walk-through inspection of your property(s) during the term of the lease contract as a quality check and to identify any issues that may need attention to prevent future owner expenses. These mid-lease inspections are a documented and signed by tenants. Most of our competitors do not do offer this free service.
  • Repairs and Maintenance Services
    Timely and competent maintenance is the key to protecting our owners’ investments. While some small issues can be resolved to by our in-house maintenance staff, most repairs will be handled by independent third-party vendors or outside contractors, selected for their ability to provide quality service at the best price. Owners reserve the right to schedule and control repair and maintenance responsibilities if they so desire.

Evergreen Properties NW complies with all aspects of Fair Housing laws and

the Washington State Landlord/Tenant Act.

To get in touch with us, please call or email us at

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